Prayers Won't Save You

by Kingpin

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Who died and made you moral arbiter? Lines between holy and righteous have blurred. No light, Your guidance blindfolds the lost. Fighting to beat their inner demons, Lives come to a cross. Your hand goes out but your motivation Is your own wealth and your greed; Selling tall tales of higher powers To meet your own needs. Prayers won't save you now, So save your breath to make amends with those misled instead. Holier than thou, Prayers won't save you now, and they won't redeem your life at the hour of your death. No shame. Placing guilt on the innocent, Pointing fingers and blaming others To hide your own sins. Holding on to thoughts Outdated, from the past. No thanks, "man of the cloth", I'll carve my own path. So tell your God that I am not ashamed of who I am, I'd rather burn in hell than fake a smile and shake your hand. So tell your God that I am not ashamed of who I am, I'd rather burn in hell than shake your hand.
Day after day, day after day, day after day, Crawling all the way to your grave. Born to fight the odds, Deck stacked high by The Gods. Called upon by fate To do nothing but stagnate. Look at how far you've come, In this Dead End World. Look at how far you've come, But for what? How long will they grieve for you After you've died? No-one else would believe in you, At least you Fing tried. Look at how far you've come, In this Dead End World. Look at how far you've come, But for what? Waiting for the moment it just falls into place? You've got too much time, too much time. Hiding from your problems 'til they hit you in the face, Gotta go head on, and see the signs. Waiting for the moment it just falls into place, In this Dead End World. Dead End World. Dead End World. Dead End World.
Ignorant 03:13
Fighting for no cause. Running at the mouth, Trying to act so righteous but we know what you're about. Don't try to spread your hate, Coz we won't accept your BS and we just can not relate. Mind your language; The wording that you choose goes to show us who you stand with. The phrases that you speak sound like hate and I can't stand it. Don't tell us how to take it coz that's just not up to you. You say you don't mean it to offend but we're telling you it does and we won't tell you again. So let's not waste time with this worthless conversation; Keeping talking ish, see who kicks your face in. Just stop and think it through. Time you grew. How inarticulate are you? Are you so ignorant? "No offence". You don't know what it meant? Well, Let me tell you something so it's perfectly clear: This speech you use so freely is what some people fear, And I won't just sit back and laugh When the jokes that you make sound like an attack. Life's hard enough as it is, And we're not treating people equal when they're just trying to live? We should have some second thoughts on taking shots at each other, Why make others feel excluded or make them suffer? No need to make them suffer. Well you're the one who'll suffer. No offence, No. We're gonna make you suffer. Ya wee Fin' rat.


GHC 2019.


released February 7, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by George Henry at The Audio Lounge in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland.

Cover artwork by Suketoku (


all rights reserved



Kingpin Glasgow, UK

Crossover thrash. GHC.

Influences: Leeway, Suicidal Tendencies, Merauder, Cro-Mags, Sepultura, Crowbar, Killing Time, Life Of Agony, S.O.D, WarZone, Biohazard, Body Count, Nuclear Assault, Sick Of It All, etc.

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