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Ryan Callander
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Ryan Callander The biggest riffs, the heaviest grooves; impossible not to move and shout along to! The record of 2015, and then some! Does the impossible and bottles the lightning of Kingpin live! Essential! Favorite track: Both Sides.
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Intro 01:00
KIngpin. Straight from the fuckin' dungeons of GHC. KINGPIN.
Why, Why can't I make you see? What do you want, or expect from me? You say your struggle is real, But it's a joke, that's how I feel. You always run, maintain your stance, Be the one to give yourself a chance. And I watch the ticking hand As the seconds slip by and trip up your plans. Concrete, Just rise up from defeat. Don't be A slave To ways That leave You phased, Get off your seat And face the heat. I won't go quietly. Shiver; A chill runs down your spine, Your body quivers. Make an effort; Outcast, You won't last on your own. You're a full grown man for fuck sake, So fight on your own, change your whole game plan, take A look at your life and the state that it's in, There's not a soul you can blame for the fights you don't win. In moments of hardships, you fail; Your pride dents, in tough times you turn tail. You won't get a damn thing from me; I've cleaned enough of your mess, Do it By Yourself Lying on your back isn't Going to accomplish much. You've got to get on your feet, Get yourself back on track and kick away that crutch. Get 'em! All trust is lost, Now you're gonna see who's the fuckin' boss. Those bad habits, they're hard to break, But it's the end of the line, son, for your sake. Stand tall, I'm not your crutch, Another day of your bullshit's too fucking much. Don't need to ask why, Just do it yourself - DIY. DIY. So tired of going through this, Was I naïve to think that you could do this? So tired of going through this, I can't believe that you would just... Fuck it. From now on, Fend for yourself. Don't look for help From anybody else. Ain't go no clue, Won't do it for you, We're ffucking through.
Bite your tongue and Watch the ones around you, Watch the ones you call your friends, The ones who'll let you down when you reach the bitter end. When you're needing some support coz you can't go on alone, You might find yourself discarded, disregarded and disowned. They'll wave at you with one hand while the other holds the blade, To stabs you in your back for the choices that you've made. When you put your trust in others, You invite yourself to suffer So before you trust another, just Bite your tongue and Live By Your own rules, No Need To suffer fools. Give Back What you get; There is no need To be upset Bite your tongue and DON'T see 'em, DON'T hear 'em, DON'T trust 'em, Don't fear 'em coz you're never gonna need 'em. DON'T see 'em, DON'T hear 'em, DON'T trust 'em, Don'tT fear 'em coz you're neveer gonna need 'em at all. Watch the ones who smile at you, Too quick to shake your hand. They'll lie and try to bring you down When you make a stand. They act legit, they're full of shit, don't listen to a word. With your tongue bit, you're fighting fighting fit, don't let the lines get blurred. No, you're never gonna need 'em at all. Don't set yourself up for a fall.
Both Sides 03:10
You gotta stand your ground. Too scared to think for yourself, A selfish prick in a fickle time, So you just forfeit your integrity And take your place at the back of the line. It seems so foreign to me, Coz I can think for myself and can play the devil's advocate. You don't really care who's wrong or right, Just feigning interest for the sake of a fight. All alone, you'll find TRUTH. Leave the lies behind. STAND YOUR GROUND. Only alone, you'll find TRUTH. Pay the hype no mind. Show a little bravery, show a little strength, Show the world you will not fold when the situation's tense. Don't be afraid to be one of the few; See both side of the coin and do what's right for you. Your heart is blind, thoughts defined by the hive mind. Maybe in time you'll show a little dignity. No-one cares what you have to bring, When it's a head full of shit and a heart full of nothing. Ya gotta leave 'em behind, Leave 'em behind and stand your ground. Fall to your knees, FALL. You need to learn to differentiate, Those who want to help from those who only hate. You need to learn. Spoke out of turn, A kingdom burns. YOU NEED TO LEARN. Blaze a trail, Walk your path.


You can now download "TRUTH" for free, but if you choose to pay then every single penny received by our PayPal account for purchases of the "TRUTH" EP will be sent straight to the UNHCR at the end of each month, and they will then put that money towards help with shelter, healthcare, food, education and more for refugees.

If you're looking to add more neck-snappingly fast and bone-crunchingly heavy crossover riffs to your music library AND give a small donation towards helping out fellow humans then this is one way to do just that.


released September 25, 2015

At the time of recording, Kingpin were...
GUITARS: Beck and Sean
BASS: Gary
DRUMS: Yorgo

GANG VOCALISTS: Lev, Sean, Neevo, Den, Gary, XMettaX, Ryan, Thermo, Derek.

Recorded by Yorgo, Sean Devenney and Colin A/K/A DP Johnson at The Audio Lounge in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland in June 2015. Mixed by Yorgo.

The part of Gary was played by an unknown masked actor during the bass recording sessions for "TRUTH".

Artwork mostly done by Metta A/K/A tha trend-setta A/K/A tha money-getta.


all rights reserved



Kingpin Glasgow, UK

Crossover thrash. GHC.

Influences: Leeway, Suicidal Tendencies, Merauder, Cro-Mags, Sepultura, Crowbar, Killing Time, Life Of Agony, S.O.D, WarZone, Biohazard, Body Count, Nuclear Assault, Sick Of It All, etc.

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